Beautiful Dream–Hump The Rogue

Po-faced and Cupid bow

strikes the heart of the matter.


Can you see what is happening

to the rodents in the gutter

as they crowder for hungry-

pointed lacing,

when treatments fail

and they seek the most rough-

edged solution?


Sighing all the time

mind is eclipsed

by stony traces

of embraced carnage

humbler sensitivities

tread through canopies

which have lowered

to protect empty braces

of seed-like supplements.


Indigo raiment–

umbrellas can often take

your so right places

of hopeful harnesses

seeking the triumphant populace

as they raunch their way

to ink-stained strikes.


Pondering the question–

po-faced again


over colossal heaps

of broken-down

Tables of Numerical.


Do you find a place here?

Seer, prophet–

seems unprofitable.


Energies not wasted

entry into that light cavern

of proof that dusty canyons

can contain the secrets

of every loaded device

which sits uncomplained-at

frozen in time

between processes of leeching

and ride like the Rock of Ages



Pride enters the equation

between keys of lock-broken exits.


Have enough of this–

soak up the residue

hold on to social laughter rasped

as the creak of excrement

is reeking.


Beautiful dream

serene drifter

cars are crossing the bridge now

over the tidal flow.


Need to excrete–

exhale the viper

exhale the effluence of aeons.


Princely income

no exit here–

hold the time of your life

and hump the rogue

as he wrestles with aching bones.

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