Intimate But Not Extinct I & II


Why should anyone consider the possibility

of emptying a stream into the desert

a viable solution

to the drying up of abundance?

Why not pray for rain?


Carp hard in the precincts

of emptying

soaked in the residue

of prayed items–

simply treacherous

convolutions of reich.


Hum-drum cases

seem to puke

in the sewer

tip-toeing along.


Prolonged prefects

wrench particles

of loaded weight

from hardened stone,


simply stressed

soothing hum-drum.


Crenellations of proof

by the night air

hemmed in-

to the enclosure

havens of imploded rust

from street lights

and gates

and fences

where the spikes

and hedges

have protected

horrible processes

of accumulation.


Green grow the rushes O.


Rowing down the river

towing the line

behind the roving

postman seen

treading the path

down Highgate Cemetery

past the rich and famous

down through the central dome

parking inside systems

of perforating petulance.


Kind eyes

lend grace

to the impact

of rented traces

of oblivion

so that nothing goes beyond

the places where

it was intended

to erect monuments

to shroud the garden

in cement.


And on he went

down south side bank

and opened up the roof

to amaze everyone

who stood

and looked out to the sky

and high-rised

that endless populations

had streamed

through the same place

and noticed only progress



And so the prefect

turned back

into his tent

to strip naked

and raid the ark

before the presentation

of public money,

so that crimes could be paid for

and laid down

in exactly the right place

for their opening ceremonies.


And when the time had come

for moving into stranger raiments

then they dressed in cardboard



So soon

the shift comes

from strobe-light

which flicks

and the moment

is over

and the mind

is in the panoramic.

So soon

the memory fails

and out of the corridor

come the tribe

of demented sailors

and suffocating preachers

from expansion and contraction

to expansion and contraction

heaving the need

in those roasted days.

Presentations soon

came forward

for their testimony

as time trails away

behind the ox.



even thousands

even millions

of coughs and sighs

fill the skies


leaving untouched

the truce

which was made before

the rooster exploded.







but not extinct

for the varying tones

of the screen

layer denizens

of drenched diamonds

honing in

on the process

of encapsulation

hiding under trains

of precious crystal

magnetizing memories

in the flux of trace-

like embraces.


Symphonies strike

a chord of umbrage

so that half-

rendered pride

climbs slowly

through the thicket,

and detecting no more

summer love

the end comes quickly

while over the hill

birds fly brightly

into the dark sky.

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