Son Et Lumière

Cracks defy temptation

into trespass upon vain-glorious

treacheries of hope

and radiant scratches

when neon

corpuscular fires

lit the skin.


And in those times

the weight became unsupportable

and the serpent struck so hard

at the granite base

that effigies crumbled

into sparkling pyrogenic

streaks of screeching.


And many times

there re-emerged the love of Earth,

balmy skies warmed by the sun

and loaded with ether.


Crenellations–built strapping castles

in grotto-like forests,

and humping the old rogue

he limped his way past the cave,

sat down and shook himself with grief-tones.


And as porphyry extruded into the night,

black light leeched into the stream

so that water came silken

with the sheen of dappled darkness,

and the black river emptied

into the ocean stream

where deep-sea creatures licked their way

through the feast of entropy

and under the sea bed crept

half-engendered hopes of renewal

which screeched their way to the surface

and erupted into the sky

where hurricanes hungered for their potency

and Earth disemboweled its hora

the times of its life–

to meet the treaties brought from far away

in the blinking of an eye.


And those roasted days crept

into the story of forgotten dreams

plagued by trembling of the hand

manual dexterity,

prisoner to the task.


So close came rasping craftsmen

to the bone

that emblematic crosses

cut through preaching

and marked the spot

where hard-plastered roses lay

relieved of their perfume.


And suddenly

the moment merges

with the wind of change

from solar sources.

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