The Deep Within-Tractatus Physiologicus

Eels eyes sparkle

sooner relieved

than penetrating maybe

formless oceans

set within the stupefying


of personal engendering

ricocheting through



up through endless possibilities

of half-sized

crowing platelets.


Reckless maiden

epiphanies of stone

extracted from pile-high

scenic lacing

where harvest-time

perpetuates this drop

in tempo

from oscillating rhythm

of posing,

and ha, ha, ha

the laugh comes last

when eels seek

raft-enhanced carnivals.


Syntax sighing with carnations

and low-strung perpetuals

intoxicate far-flung rituals–

havens of the poor and disabled

crucial to raiders

yet unproven as schemes

with hazy names.




and love



The entrance is open

doors no longer slide

removed from their hinges

and left to grow old.



Asking for the time–

precious letters opened

undisclosed treaties

have become the norm

licences to preach

the summer into oblivion.

Yet the instigator

continues to suck

the marrow from the bone

likening this act

to a harmony of the spheres

pretending that lower reaches

cannot empty buckets

full of dough unrisen.

Maybe in time

the torch resonates

with fire cracks.


And sarsaparilla taste

strengthens the heart

for poker dice


breaching terms unwritten

but so hard and fast

adhesive streaks


reach under

to hold down any proclamation.


So loosen–

and sooner sprayed

with alchenical spray

transforming crops with laughter

humbling the cumulus–

no reproaches come closer

than any other master-

minded prayer.


Silver lode-stone tricks elixir

into medication for gall stones

unaware of the po-faced reproach

from heavenly sliding

slipped discs crunched

into the pay-roll

of half-baked settlers

whose armaments reason

the posterior notion

of locating

hey, hey, locating

hey, hey, jewels


within the stump.


Sooner uptures come

straight down the line

and embarkation

of anal location

simply strikes

the emblematic time

until low


the most.

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