The Lonely Planet

Catastrophic fall

not knowing that the embargo

has been lifted.


Plaintiff seeks redress.


Standing at the edge of the lawn

an abyss of tidyness

encroaching crater-like

into wild places,

hundred upon thousand

of broken down stones

litter passages

from history's niceties

to tomb-like posterity

as the gently undulating liquor

continues its seeping flow

through the cracks and crevices

of monuments

insinuating that thought is liquid

when the vapour has become too dense.


And prize-giving time

lurks in the wings

for possibilities of roast

the unharnassed vengeance burns away

at the corpse of formerly-known pride,

lanced and then devolved

into statuesque similarity

to the pole which maintains

so-called dignity of states.


And signs simply stretch the senses

until snapped and recalled for service.


Deeper in the distance

hoards of mongoloid hun

rampage down time's cul-de-sac

until the music stops

and they all sit down bewildered

all layered into place

until the cock crows

and awakening bears fruit

in the priestly enclave.


Stitched into the picture

the web

formerly redundant

now embraced

reseaming the lonely planet.

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