Trials And Tribes

Cyclamen protects half-moon radiance

embedded within form-enhanced rituals,

and the palette changes–striations blend on the cusp

with holy night and rauchous dawn.


Sincere illusions painted in the sky

enter visionary reliefs

carved in stone

lacking only the portrait of heart and soul

as bliss strikes hard on the unknown warrior.


Contemplative explorations

led to unveiled archipelagos

which breathed new breezes into the open place

where hiding in the thicket

we went down

before roosting in the privately-laced umbilical.


Foretold in populated tales

the wrist revolved around the door-knob

until wrenching cryations

placed too much pressure

on the door-step

so that craft sank

and the mighty rose

from halls of fame-inflamed praise.


And the parson pleasured himself.

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